When you order a new hosting account, it needs a bit of time for the transaction to be processed, your account to be set up and then activated. As sophisticated as the process can be, a human factor is always involved - your transaction may be inspected manually or the account may need some technological time to be set up by a man or a woman. This is usually the case with resellers and it is quite normal to wait long hours, perhaps even for a few days. Instead of handling your websites, you waste time awaiting someone to process your order. Sometimes, service providers even wait for a number of orders to pile up within their system queue before they process them together, while you are able to do nothing else but wait for them.

Instant Account Activation in Hosting

All of our hosting accounts are created and fully functional as soon as a new transaction is submitted, so you'll not need to wait around for hours to begin working on your web site or upload its files if it's already designed on your personal computer. Should you select any of the zero cost script-driven apps which we offer to be set up throughout the account creation, you will be able to access both the hosting Control Panel and the script control area in minutes after your order. You're going to get the login details for both back offices right away even if you acquire a shared hosting account during a weekend or a holiday. We realize that sometimes a new account is required without delay, so we make certain that you'll never have to wait and that your new account shall be activated right away.